Toowoomba Engagement Photographer + Sami + Chloe + Geham State Forest

Sami and Chloe contacted me to photograph their engagment shoot and wanted to do something different. After chatting with the ladies, we decided that the Pine Forest near Geham, Queensland would be the perfect photographic backdrop. These lovley ladies also had the great idea to include a pink coloured smoke emitter into their photo shoot. Sami and Chloe were both so easy to photograph and their love for each other is just magic. Before we ran out of light, I took the drone up to capture them from an aerial perspective. This was my first time using the drone for portraits and I am so happy with the result. It certainly gives an artistic perspective to photos. In the last 10 minutes of sunlight we lit the smoke emitter. The weather was perfect when we did this as there was a slight breeze to blow the smoke around behind them. I love this effect and would love to do more shoots with colured smoke. Enjoy the photos and congrats to Sami and Chloe.