Toowoomba Engagement Photographer + Surprise Proposal + Shaun and Shan + Laurel Bank Park

What a pleasure to photograph Shaun's elaborately planned surprise proposal for his now finance Shan. I was so stoked to be involved when Shaun asked me to be part of his plan two months prior. All Shan knew was they were having a family portrait session, but Shaun had quite different plans. The couple's close family and friends were also involved, arriving during the shoot to each offer Shan a rose and a verse of lovely words, ending with Shan's daughter Krista saying "Roses are red, violets are blue, I think Shaun wants to marry you". Shaun serenaded his beautiful fiance Shan with 'God Bless The Broken Road' by Rascall Flats before kneeling to ask for Shan's hand in marriage in which she said yes. After congratulatories with family and friends we continued on with their now engagement shoot before they joined the family and friends for afternoon refreshments. Congratulations Shan and Shaun, what and afternoon!! Matt.