How to create the sparkler exit at your wedding

Feb 12, 2024 | Weddings, Toowoomba Photography

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How to create the sparkler exit at your wedding

As you plan the details for your Toowoomba wedding, an idea among wedding couples is increasingly stealing the spotlight – the sparkler exit. But, is a wedding exit with sparklers the right fit for your celebration? Will your venue allow it, and how can you pull it off so it caps off your big day in every way you imagine? In this guide, we explore sparkler exits and the ins and outs of creating a wedding day departure to remember. We’ll help you decide if sparklers are the touch that ends your wedding on a high and, if so, guide you on how to make the sparkler exit for your wedding shine.


So, what is a sparkler wedding exit?

A sparkler exit is when your guests light sparklers and hold them to create an aisle for you and your partner to walk down as you say your final farewell and exit your wedding venue. The sparkler wedding exit creates a beautiful ambience that turns a simple goodbye into something a little bit special.

Beyond it looking great, a wedding exit with sparklers brings a beautiful sense of warmth and celebration to the end of your wedding day. There’s something about the crackling sound of sparklers, mixed with the laughter of your closest friends and family, that creates a final farewell to your big day that is really spesh. Having a sparkler exit for your wedding can make the goodbye to your wedding a real highlight of your whole day.

The pros and cons of a sparkler wedding exit

Considering a sparkler exit for your Toowoomba wedding? Let’s break it down with a practical look at the pros and cons to help you decide if this is the farewell for your celebration.


  • It looks amazing: I don’t think anyone could deny how beautiful a sparkler wedding exit looks. Couples often rave about the stunning photographs and the atmosphere it adds to their wedding farewell.
  • It feels romantic: Just when you thought you couldn’t pack any more romance into your wedding day, the sparkler exit will give it a red hot go. A wedding exit with sparklers can turn your farewell into an intimate gathering that resonates with many couples as they thank their family and friends and leave their special day.
  • The resulting photos are dazzling: Sparkler exits provide photographers with a canvas of light, resulting in some really pretty shots. It’s also often a shot that ends up making it into a frame on your wall, which is really saying something.


  • Ensuring guest safety: While sparklers add romance and warmth, making sure it’s pulled off safely can take a bit of planning. The risk of burns or accidents can be high, especially if there are kids at your wedding, you have a big guest list, or there are windy conditions. Couples must ensure safety measures are implemented to keep the sparkler exit one to remember for all the right reasons.
  • Your venue may have restrictions: Not all venues permit sparkler exits at weddings. Check with your Toowoomba wedding venue in advance. Some indoor spaces or locations with strict fire regulations may not allow this luminous send-off.
  • Making it work logistically: Coordinating the distribution of sparklers, ensuring they are lit simultaneously, and managing the clean-up afterwards can be logistically challenging. This aspect requires close planning with your wedding venue to avoid any hiccups.

How to do a sparkler wedding exit

Now that you know the pros and cons of a sparkler exit for your wedding, let’s break down how to pull it off. Here are the steps on how to do a sparkler wedding exit.

  1. Check with your venue first: Before you do anything, contact your wedding venue to make sure they allow sparklers to be lit as part of your day. Also, check if there are fire restrictions in place ahead of your wedding and be prepared that an extended dry spell in the weather could mean you need to reconsider. If, for whatever reason, you cannot have a sparkler exit at your wedding, there are other options to consider, like fairy lights or lanterns that use LED lights.

  2. Sparkler selection: In the world of sparkler exits, size matters. So, what size sparklers are best for a wedding exit? For a shorter but impactful exit, go for smaller-sized sparklers (~40cm). If you’re aiming for a more extended and immersive experience, opt for extra-long (~70 cms) sparklers (here is an example of the types of wedding sparklers that are available). The longer your sparkler, the longer the burn time and the time you have to walk down the sparkler aisle for your photographer to get some amazing shots.

  3. Determine the quantity: Work out how many sparklers you’ll need to purchase. For most weddings, one to two sparklers per guest is plenty. You want enough sparklers so every guest can participate, but not too many so to give your guests permission to use the leftover sparklers elsewhere at the wedding venue.

  4. Safety first: Prioritise safety by making sure your sparkler exit is held in a safe area at the venue. Also, provide clear instructions to guests on how to hold and use the sparklers safely. Your MC can do this at the beginning of the night and again when it’s time to start the sparkler exit. Make sure there are long-reach lighters and a safe space to ignite the sparklers. Ask your MC to encourage everyone to follow safety guidelines to avoid unexpected surprises.

  5. Capture the magic: Work with your photographer to plan the best angles for capturing the brilliance of your sparkler exit ahead of time. Let them know where the sparkler exit will be happening and at what time during the night. Discuss lighting considerations and the ideal timing for those perfect, magical shots.

  6. Timing is everything: Ensure your sparkler wedding exit goes off without a hitch by coordinating the lighting of them. Ask two to three guests (ahead of time) to be responsible for lighting and distributing the sparklers. It’s also good to consider the time of night you will do the sparkler exit. Making it too late could mean that guests leave before they can participate. Then, work with your venue on an order of events. Here is an example of one to use:
  • Earlier in the evening: MC to announce there will be a sparkler exit at [insert time].
  • 10 minutes to go: MC to give a 10-minute warning and ask for everyone to make their way to the sparkler exit area.
  • 5 minutes to go: As your guests are moving outside, your designated sparkler distributors and lighters will start giving sparklers to each person as they form the aisle.
  • 1 minute to go: Starting where the wedding couple enter, the lighters start to walk down each side of the aisle, lighting each sparkler that is held by each guest.
  • 0 minutes to go: The couple enters the sparkler aisle on the photographer’s cue. The lighters continue to make their way down the end of the aisle, lighting everyone’s sparklers.
  1. Relax and have fun: Take your time making your way down the sparkler aisle. Hold hands, smile, laugh and soak it all up while your photographer documents as much of this beautiful moment as possible. 

Shine on with your wedding farewell

So, sparkler wedding exits. Will you be adding one to your order of events for your big day? It doesn’t matter if you decide the sparkler exit is for you, or if it’s a different type of wedding exit altogether, planning a send-off to your wedding day with all your guests in tow is one of the best ways to make a lasting memory.

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