5 reasons why professional real estate photography matters

Sep 13, 2023 | Real Estate

Matt Edwards taking photos

Matt Edwards


Why having professional real estate photography matters

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, competition among buyers remains high. Where first impressions on your property can make or break a potential buyer’s interest, the significance of professional real estate photography cannot be overstated. As potential buyers and renters – especially those interstate – turn to online platforms to search for properties, the role of a professional property photographer is pivotal. In this article, we’ll delve into why having a professional real estate photographer capture your property matters, from the power of first impressions to the financial impact it can have on property sales.

1. Real estate photography makes a lasting first impression

The photos of your property – whether good or bad – make a lasting first impression. Most of us have scrolled through a property listing website. Encountering a dimly lit and slightly blurry image that only captures a fraction of the room, compared to seeing a well-lit, wide-angle shot showcasing the spaciousness and intricate details of a property, will give you two completely different feelings. We all know which one is going to give you a positive first impression.

John from York Realty in Toowoomba tells us more: “When it comes to selling a property, first impressions count. It’s usually one of the biggest investments we will ever make and a quality home deserves quality photography.”

Real estate agents consistently emphasise the role of first impressions in real estate. With only seconds to get a potential buyer’s or renter’s interest, listings with high-quality photos receive more enquiries, generate greater web traffic and can help your home spend less time on the market.

“People are extremely busy these days,” says John. “People spend time scrolling through real estate platforms looking for a potential purchase and having professional photos will help them visualise the property. If they like what they see, then they will read the content and information about the property.”

2. A professional property photographer can help you showcase a property’s features

One of the main reasons real estate agents engage a professional real estate photographer is to effectively showcase the features of a property. While anyone can take pictures with a smartphone, professional property photographers use techniques like High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and wide-angle shots to capture the full aspect of a space.

Photo taken with iphone
professional-real-estate-photography taken with SLR Camera, high quality
Photo taken with SLR camera

HDR photography allows for a balanced representation of both interior and exterior details, ensuring that the photos have the perfect balance of exposure. Wide-angle shots, on the other hand, can make small spaces appear more expansive and inviting. These techniques, when used by professionals, make a significant difference in how a property is perceived by potential buyers or renters.

John emphasises the features buyers in particular look for: “Our photos include drone shots to showcase location and landmarks, as well as floor plans to help buyers with layout, aspect and room sizes. Having a professional real estate photographer who understands what angels to use, what areas look best, and knows how to capture the best attributes of a home, is important.” Says John.

3. Professional real estate photography increases online visibility and engagement

The majority of property searches start online. Potential buyers and renters turn to real estate websites and apps to explore available properties. In this virtual landscape, where everything is digital first, the importance of professional real estate photography is more important than ever.

Properties with high-quality photos can attract more clicks and result in higher engagement on the property ad. Wayne, an agent from York Realty in Toowoomba, agrees: “Buyers can decide on coming to inspect a property purely based on the quality of the photos, which makes it vitally important to have quality professional photos taken to showcase the property and its features.”

This increased visibility can easily translate into more enquiries, more potential buyers or renters, and possibly, a quicker sale.

4. Real estate photographers are a cost-effective investment

Some may argue that professional real estate photography is an additional expense. However, it’s important to view it as an investment rather than a cost. Professional photography pays off in several ways, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Firstly, professionally photographed properties tend to sell or rent faster. Less time on the market means fewer costs such as utilities and mortgage payments. This can result in substantial savings for property sellers and owners.

Buyers and renters can also perceive well-photographed properties as more valuable and highly sought after. Leanne from Leanne Gillam Real Estate says she won’t compromise on a good photographer: “Using a professional property photographer is 100 percent necessary for superior results.” Leanne says. “It’s non-negotiable when I market a client’s home.”

5. Elevate your real estate game with professional photography 

So, as you can see, professional real estate photography is not just an added luxury or expense; it’s a necessity in today’s competitive housing market. The power of first impressions, the ability to effectively showcase property features, enhanced online visibility and engagement, and the potential financial advantages all underscore the importance of investing in professional photography for your real estate listings.

When you consider the tangible benefits, professional real estate photography is a savvy investment that pays off with thumb-stopping online listings, strong visibility in the market and getting more buyers or renters through the door. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property owner or developer, don’t underestimate the impact professional real estate photography can make.

Unlock your property’s full potential. Find out more about Matt Edwards Photography’s real estate and property photography packages.

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